Light up your cafe

If there’s one thing I often get to hear, it must be that we swedes love our candle lights. Everywhere at any time of the day. I’ve figured out that it has to do with all the dark month we have to go through before we see the sunlight after a long winter. Candle light has somehow a magical effect on the atmosphere in a room. It creates a welcoming, nice and inviting atmospheres that both will attract customers to your cafe or shop and also make them feel relaxed and calm. Although there’s a danger in making your customers feel to relaxed and at “home”, it will make them stay for longer and won’t necessarily spend more money. This is an issue with lots of different solutions that I’ll write more about later on. The positive impact that candle lights will have on your atmosphere will increase the chances that your customers remembers your place as a welcoming and cosy environment that they hopefully and happily will return to.