Adding value by doing small things – Number One

It’s the small things that will make the big difference. There’s millions of small things you can do to impress, surprise and make your customers happier. I’m a big supporter of, and would like to believe that happier customers are better customers. This post will be the first one in the category that will include lot’s of post with different small thing you can do to add value to your customers experience and satisfaction. As I said small thing aren’t always that small.

You’ve probably read and heard about the fact that happier employees will give better service. This article is worth reading at that topic. It surely is one very important aspects of customer service, that also can add value to your customers over all satisfaction with the experience. Humans are very complex and they have the very unique ability to adapt to the situation and also provide excellent service in many different ways and situations. That’s something a products or a creation will struggle to achieve. On the other hand, products and creations can add value to a customers experience in many other ways and I would say they are very valuable too.

Creating color bombs in your water bottles are one of those small things you can do to add some important value to your customers experience. It’s a very simple way of earning value point that also will differentiate you from your competitors. You’ve made something fun and different with such an ordinary thing as a water bottle. It will also taste different, (hopefully better) and as taste is one of our five senses, which we all use when we make up our mind about an experience, it makes sense to take every chance to try and satisfy all of your customers senses. It’s also worth thinking about the design of the water bottle, why not use an old Gin bottle or colorful bottles.

Take time and put some genuine thoughts behind the decisions about your water bottles, it’s more important than you think.