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The Pizza Revolution

Here’s another example of how technology can change businesses in the retail and service sector. There’s a few interesting aspects to think about when it comes to innovations like this. Does technology like… Continue reading

Adding value by doing small things – Number One

It’s the small things that will make the big difference. There’s millions of small things you can do to impress, surprise and make your customers happier. I’m a big supporter of, and would… Continue reading

Light up your cafe

If there’s one thing I often get to hear, it must be that we swedes love our candle lights. Everywhere at any time of the day. I’ve figured out that it has to… Continue reading

The ultimate coffee experience

Is this a go or a no!? Read more about it here: The ultimate coffee experience

Ingredients as a part of your interior

Using different ingredients and raw materials that you’ll need to make the products you want to sell, as decoration in your shop is a good way of both acting transparent towards the customer… Continue reading

Playfulness that will increase sales for your business

Learn from Ritter Sport’s concept store in Berlin were anyone can pop in and make their own customized chocolate bar. Choose from lot’s of different ingredients, dark- or milk chocolate and you’ll have… Continue reading

It’s the small details that builds a consistent concept

  This new opened coffee shop in Manly, Sydney is a good example of a place that knows the importance of keeping a consistent style and design when it comes to build up… Continue reading